Week 2: The Intent-zen of Crochet

This week I came across a blog post on Crochet Spot called “Crocheting with Intention.” The author mentions that she’s “heard of people crocheting prayer shawls, where the crafter stitches not only with yarn, but with intention that is focused in the crochet.” I hadn’t thought about it but I think that’s what I’ve been doing all along. I try never to crochet when I’m upset or angry because I want the squares I’m making to come from a place of peace. I’ve always said that crochet is my Zen activity.

How appropriate that I came across this, from a 1955 McCall’s Knitting issue:

McCalls 1955

Not much has changed since then, including the hair!


After a Rogers Cable billing fiasco (jerks), a teacher’s strike protest that turned out not to happen after all and a 3.5 hour commute home, there’s nothing like an impromptu Saturday night dinner with our good friends, Neil and Laura, to make up for a rough week. Vegetable curry, a crochet lesson and good company set everything right.

I have a couple of projects on the go (more on that in the next few weeks) which has forced me to be more strict with my scheduling and time management. Fortunately, I’m reaping the benefit of both with things like cleaning my house! I usually run out of time on the weekends for anything but the bare minimum โ€“ grocery shopping, dishes, entertaining the boys and laundry. This Sunday I was able to sweep the floor AND do a once-over on the bathroom. This is revolutionary.


Squares one and two are called Plain Janes, solid coloured squares that may seem boring at first glance but go a long way to filling in a KAS blanket or accenting it with bright colours. It’s my go-to square when I have a yarn I think is interesting on its own or when I’m short on time. The second square is made from Lion Brand’s Homespun and it is so soft! The colour is called Spice and even though I promised myself that I wouldn’t buy anymore yarn, I couldn’t resist the $3.99 price tag when I “popped in” to Michael’s.

Square three is another geometric pattern I like. Square four uses a stitch called Birdfoot Spike and I love the look of it. Square five was a bit of a “stashbuster” and used up quite a few little balls of yarn I had hanging around. Laura and Neil suggested the red at the top.

Square seven is made with two strands of yarn, a great use for thinner materials. Each stitch ends up being different, not unlike the little ones who will benefit from these squares.


Birdsfoot Spike

Square Count: 14.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

About Andrea Squared

I've been a crocheter since I was wee and I've been knitting since 2013. My life is filled with love and joy from my two boys, Mason and Evan, my dear husband and our dog.
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10 Responses to Week 2: The Intent-zen of Crochet

  1. Laura says:

    Really enjoyed your post this week and not just because of your kind words regarding our shared time last Saturday (we loved it too). I love the Birdfoot Spike and must learn how to do this. LOVE the McCall’s image! I think intention is so important and something we don’t think about often enough. Even how we focus our thoughts when we’re cooking can affect the energy of the food we make, (and those who eat it), so they say. I’m glad that crocheting brings you to your place of peace. I know that those children will feel the good vibes in their beautiful blankets made from these squares. Best wishes! LH

  2. Anne says:

    Andrea – not sure how you managed to stay on schedule with your squares with such a busy week! Nice to see your Birdfoot Spike again. Must try it when I can grab a minute. Right now I am getting ready for the KAS Feb. Challenge – I am on deck, so I have to get some squares done ahead.

  3. Pam Antink says:

    The quote is very apt for KasFolk – they certainly do!

  4. Jessica says:

    Wonderful post. I need to get out my hooks and all my extra yarn and start square-ing! You are inspiring me. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Jen Phillips says:

    Well done , Andrea. I think I’m really going to enjoy following your blog. I live on my own and time is pretty much my own but I don’t think I could produce 7 squares a week. My passion at the moment is the knitted vests and I’ve just discovered the joys of rippling. So KAS will get the vests and a local baby project will get the little rippled blankets. That said I’m really keen to try the Birdfoot Spike – fascinating. All the best for2013 – you are doing an amazing job โ™กโ™กโ™ก

    • Thank you, Jen! Good for you for donating to two very worthy projects. As I’ve always said, we each do what we can, for ourselves and for others.

      The Birdsfoot Spike pattern can be found in the new KAS Pattern Book on the forum but let me know if you can’t find it.

  6. Ashley DeMazza says:

    You are going strong Andrea! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Ashley DeMazza
    Falls Village, CT

    • Thank you, Ashley, for your kind comments! I always warn newcomers that KAS can be very addictive. In addition to my Square-A-Day challenge, I’m also challenging myself to use up a large portion of my yarn stash, er, I mean collection!

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