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Week 12: Shiny, Happy People

I came across an article online called 21 Habits of Happy People. I’ve never considered myself a happy person in the typical sense. I’ve been working to give kindness wherever I can, whether it’s picking up a dropped cane for … Continue reading

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Week 11: A Purposeful Yarn Bomb

Last year, an artist named Toshiko Horiuchi MacAdam created a playground masterpiece: Wonder Space II. Over 40 years earlier, feeling unfulfilled with her work as an artist, Toshiko started questioning who she was, what she valued in life and why she put so … Continue reading

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Week 10: Spring has Sprung!

The geese are back, the birds are singing and the squirrels have come out of hiding. The street cleaners are revving their engines just around the corner. The snow may be melting, the temperatures climbing, but I’m still under no delusions … Continue reading

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Week 9: National Crochet Month

March is National Crochet (and Craft) Month! An entire month devoted to crafting is really no different from any other month of the year for me but it’s a nice idea to promote crafts, raise awareness and celebrate creativity. The … Continue reading

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