Week 20: Remembered Always in Our Hearts

DoveI’m not sure what’s going on with 2013, but so far, it’s nothing to write home about. Every year sees its share of tragedy and loss; it seems there’s been more of it in a shorter amount of time this year. It has touched acquaintances, close friends,, even my own family. Illness and death, struggles with dementia and cancer, accidents and breakups – it’s hard to find the positive side of things when there is so much suffering.

Then I found Zach Sobiech, a Minnesota teenager who was diagnosed with a rare form of terminal cancer when he was 14 years old. He wrote and performed a song called “Clouds”, which went viral on YouTube. Zach’s message has been spread far and wide across the internet: Try and make people happy and you’ll make the world a better place. You don’t have to find out you’re dying to start living.Zach Sobiech

“Zach is a testament to the fact that things are okay when you believe in something greater than yourself in the world,” his sister said. Zach passed away on May 20, 2013 after the cancer had spread to his lungs. He taught me a lot in this short video and one of the lessons was that sometimes you have to be sad in order to find happiness.

Zach’s family created the Zach Sobiech Osteosarcoma Fund to help with Children’s Cancer Research. May his positive attitude and desire to do good live on.


Blanket number four is complete! Square three is a variegated wool square for the May challenge on the KAS forum. Square four is an “H” for the It-Feels-Like-This-Alphabet-Blanket-Is-Never-Going-To-Be-Finished project.

Week 20

Ankh SquareSquare six is a very special square, made with my friends Rebecca, Cynthia and Jessica, as well as my mom, in mind. I’d like to extend the sentiment to all those who are losing or have lost their loved ones. The symbol is an Ankh (pronounced Aunk), a sacred Egyptian hieroglyph symbolizing both worldly life and life in the netherworld, or eternal life.

Symbolism was everywhere and almost everything they created had a deeper meaning. Colour was very important to the Egyptians, believing that it revealed
170px-Ankhthe true essence of a person or thing and could provide them with magical properties. They found deep significance in everything from the jewelry they wore to the colours used in tomb reliefs.

I chose green because it represented new life and fertility. The Egyptian word for green, Wadi, also means “to flourish” or “to be healthy.” I chose yellow for the Ankh because it represented that which was eternal and indestructible. For this reason, the statues of gods, mummy masks and cases of the pharoahs were often made of gold.

A final tidbit to lighten the mood – the word “tragedy” comes from ancient Greek tragos, meaning “goat,” and oide, meaning “song.” Goat song comes from the practice of Greek actors wearing masks and goatskins while performing on the stage to represent satyrs.

Time heals all wounds.

Square Count: 140
Blankets: 4!
Hats: 5

About Andrea Squared

I've been a crocheter since I was wee and I've been knitting since 2013. My life is filled with love and joy from my two boys, Mason and Evan, my dear husband and our dog.
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2 Responses to Week 20: Remembered Always in Our Hearts

  1. Laura says:

    Blessings and comfort to your family and your friends that you mentioned, Andrea.
    The video was extremely touching and very difficult to watch as it hit a little too close to home. I’m sure his message will do a lot of good.

  2. Pam Antink says:

    Once again, another inspiring week Andrea! Zach’s courage will help others – his approach will reduce the fear for so many facing a similar challenge in life, a very special soul indeed.

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